Please be aware that studios often do not deliver production-ready files, and the files may contain bars, tones, timecode or information slates. It is the responsibility of the partner to ensure that the contents of the submitted file are intended to be played out to end-users. Magine doesn't modify the file´s content.

If you are unsure if your content material matches the below-mentioned requirements you can use the Open Source VLC player to check e.g. the frame rate, resolution and track information.

Hard Requirements for All Sources

  • Exactly one video track

  • Video is free of excessive noise

  • Minimum one stereo audio track, even if surround audio is provided

  • Duration of video and all audio tracks is the same - please note that actual media duration may differ from track duration information in a container file

  • Video timecode must start at exactly 00:00:00:00

  • Subtitles must be correctly synchronized with the video

  • Filenames must only contain alphanumeric characters, dash, underscore and dot

  • No spaces in filenames

Best Practices

  • The Program starts and ends with 1 second of black and silence

  • Video and audio have passed as few transcoding steps as possible

  • Video and audio has the best possible quality

  • Audio levels are normalized

  • The filename is human readable and identifies the content

  • The filename is free of long and messy internal ID codes

MPEG-4 Video

  • Container: MPEG-4 (.mp4)

  • All video and audio tracks in a single container file, no external reference containers

  • Container metadata with format information about video and audio tracks must be correctly set

  • The supported video codec is H.264

  • Bitrate ≈ 25Mbps

  • High profile, level 4.1, 2 b-frames, 1 reference frame

  • GOP ≈15 frames, no open GOP

  • Keyframe intervals at max 1500 frames (60 seconds of 25fps video)

  • Supported input framerates are 24, 25, 30 fps, no drop frame

  • 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, square pixels

  • Progressive scanning only

  • Lowest supported input resolution 640 × 480 (square pixels 4:3 SD)

  • Highest supported input resolution 1920 x 1080 (square pixels 16:9 1080p FHD)

Audio in MPEG-4 Container
  • Stereo, or stereo and 5.1 surrounds for each language

  • One track per audio language/channel configuration

  • Supported audio codecs are AAC-LC / AAC-HE

  • 48KHz

  • CBR ≈384kbps for stereo and ≈768kbps for 5.1

  • If 5.1 surround audio is provided it must be provided as a single track in the media container, not as multiple mono tracks

  • If 5.1 surround audio is provided it must be accompanied with a matching stereo track

  • Language information about each track in ISO 639-2 format must be correctly set in the container metadata

  • Audio pts must stay synchronized and not drift from the sample clock over time

Subtitles for All Sources
  • Separate files, one language per file

  • Subtitles must be provided together with the VOD assets

  • SRT (.srt) format

  • UTF-8 encoding

  • No formatting or positioning tags

  • Filename must end with "" where xyz is an ISO 639-2 language code. Name your file ""

  • For ISO 639-2 language codes, check here