You can set the general rules for geoblocking in the config section of the Magine Pro Console. These default rules are used on all assets if no specific geoblocking rule overrides it.

If you need to override the default rule on an asset do the following:

  1. Find the metadata asset in the console
  2. Select the asset and then go to metadata --> availability
  3. Select either to block the asset from certain countries (blacklist) or only allow it in certain countries (whitelist).

How will a user experience geoblocking of an asset?

If you have a global service and an asset is available only in country A a user who signed up in that country will be able to access it. As soon as this user leaves country A and enters the service in country B the asset won't be visible in the service.

Geoblocking and featured collection

A featured collection consists of one or multiple assets. The first asset on the list will be shown in the service. If that asset isn't available in a country and there is no second asset the collection won't be visible at all in that country. Therefore it is important that you add al least one asset that is available in all countries as a backup if you have geo-restrictions in your service.