Promo codes are used to change the price of a subscription. This can be used to add temporary compensation as well as to run a whole marketing campaign. If you need to create a code go to the Magine Pro Console and open the promo code section.

Our step by step guide will help you to create a promotion:

Step 1: Define the campaign settings

Campaign name: Enter the name of your campaign. 

Campaign prefix: Defines which code has to be entered by the customer. If you plan to create a campaign with unique codes choose a short prefix so that the system can add variable endings. Pick an alphanumeric unique prefix name that differs from your other campaigns. If you use the same prefix name our system won't be able to recognise which campaign the codes belongs to

Campaign Description: Enter unique selling points that explain what the campaign offers. This text will be displayed to your customers on their subscription page.

Country: Defines in which countries the campaign should be available. You can select either one specific country or go global.

Access: Defines which customer can consume the promo code. A new user is a customer with a newly registered account. In order to consume the promo code, the account can't be older than 24h.

Campaign site: Enter here the link to the campaign website. This makes it easy for your customer service to find the terms & conditions of this specific campaign.

Step 2: Define the promotion settings

Offer: Select the offer the discount should be tied to

Type of discount: Define if the discount should be a specific amount or a percentage of the original price

Bypass checkout: If selected the user will receive a 100% discount without entering a payment method. Read more about the advantages of bypass checkout codes here.

Discount duration: Define the number of billing cycles the discount should be given to the customer

Campaign valid from and campaign valid to: These dates define the period when a customer can consume the code during the purchase flow.

Step 3: Define what kind of code you want to use.

Viral codes

A viral code can be used by any customer during the purchase flow as long as the code is valid. Every customer is using the same code e.g. 3MONTHSBASIC. These codes can be embedded in the link of the campaign so that the user doesn’t need to enter it to consume it.

Unique codes

Unique codes have the same prefix but a different ending which mean that every code can only be used once (by one customer in one account). The total length (Prefix + ending) of a unique code can’t be more than 16 digits (9 digits is the default). During the creation of the unique codes, the system will add the ending so you need to pick a prefix that leaves enough digits to create the number of unique codes you need.

Viral code

Code name: The promo code will start with the prefix you choose. You can add more digits. This can come in handy if the campaign settings (discount, duration, etc.) are the same but you want to track the usage of the code by a group.

Code limit: Enter the number of codes that should be available for consumption

Example: You have an affiliate network which gives the same discount to every customer but you need to know how successful the different affiliates were in attracting customers. In that case, you can set up a campaign called AFFILIATE_ and then add several viral codes. Your viral codes will then look like this AFFILIATE_USA, AFFILIATE_EUROPE, AFFILIATE_ASIA

Unique codes

Code quantity: Define how many unique codes should be generated

Code length: Define how long the promo code should be including the prefix

Example: If you have picked a prefix with 5 digits e.g. TEST_ and you pick a code length of 10 then the system will add 5 digits. Your unique codes will then look like this TEST_CXDGU, TEST_HJTFE, TEST_OPLHE

You can then download your unique codes as CSV file and distribute the codes through your distribution channels.

After you entered the code properties click the "Add" button. The code will appear as a preview in the lower section of the page and you can remove it if you want to redo it.

Step 4: Review and save

In the last step, you can review the settings of your promotion campaign. If you are satisfied, save it. You will be redirected to the promotion campaign.

If you have created a promotion with unique codes you can download the codes as CSV and then distribute them in your campaign network. You can find the download option in the code section of your promotion campaign.

How to calculate the length of a unique promo code

The length of a unique promo code consists of the number of characters from your prefix and the unique ending. Every slot of the unique ending can take 36 different possibilities (26 letters and numbers from 0 to 9).

To calculate how many slots you need to have to be able to create the right amount of codes you need to multiply 36x36x36... and so on until you have the number of codes you need.

For example, 4 slots (36x36x36x36) equals a combination of 1,6 million unique codes.

So when you define the length of your unique codes count the characters of your prefix and add the number of slots you need at the end.