You can change the settings of your advertisement in this section of the Magine Pro Console. 

Default settings

These settings will be what’s used on the entire service. This can either be the only setting or used as a fallback when overrides have not been set up for all assets.


Overrides are settings that are on a specific playable only. For all Playables that don’t have any overrides, the default settings will be used. For overrides, the available settings will vary depending on what kind of metadata asset they are for.


There are different kind of ad rolls that can be used. Here’s a description of each one


This type can be used for all kinds of metadata asset. A preroll is played before the asset is being played. Available settings for prerolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag.

The VAST-tags are basically an URL that is received from the ads sales house. When creating these settings like frequency cap etc. should be set.


Midrolls can be used for VODs and Broadcasts. You add a number of seconds from the beginning of the metadata asset an ad should play. Available settings for midrolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag, Offsets.

Offsets are the comma-separated list of seconds from the beginning when an ad should be played.


Ads that play after the content have been watched.

Available settings for post rolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag.


This is a not standardised way of showing ads for live channels. They work so that after x amount of seconds an ad will be played, independent on where in the content it is. Afterwards, playback will resume where it stopped. This means that the user will get further of the live point after each ad and can eventually begin to miss content. Available settings for interval rolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag, Initial offset, Interval between ads. Initial offset is how many seconds after the user have started watching content the first ad should be played. The interval between ads is how many seconds it should be between them.