You can change the settings of your advertisement in this section of the Magine Pro Console. 

Default settings

These settings define the behaviour of the entire service. This can either be the only setting or used as a fallback together with overrides for selected assets.

If you want to show the same advertisement on all your assets add the VAST-tag as default.


Overrides define the advertisement settings on one specific asset. Assets that don't have an override will use the default setting instead. The available settings for overrides vary depending on the type of asset. You can learn more about how to add a VAST tag to single assets here.


There are different kind of ad rolls that can be used. Here’s a description of each one:


  • This type can be used for all kinds of assets. A preroll is played before the asset. 

  • Available settings for prerolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag.


  • Midrolls can be used for VODs and Broadcasts. You have to add the number of seconds counting from the beginning of the asset to define when an ad should play. 
  • Available settings for midrolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag, Offsets.
  • Offset is the comma-separated list of seconds from the beginning when an ad should be played.


  • Ads that play after the asset ended.
  • Available settings for post rolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag.


  • An interval roll will play an advertisement after x amount of seconds, independent on the progress of the asset. Afterwards, playback will resume where interrupted. 
  • On a linear channel, this means that the user will get further away from the live point after each ad and can eventually miss content. We recommend to use it only for Vods.
  • Available settings for interval rolls are: ON/OFF, Web VAST-tag, Mobile VAST-tag, Initial offset, Interval between ads. 
  • Initial offset is how many seconds after the user has started the asset the first ad should be played. The interval between ads is how many seconds should be between them.

Note: For the advertisement to play before, during or after the selected content you need to enable the ad setting in your offer. Read more here on how to create an offer.