You can find all existing campaigns in the promotion menu by clicking on list promotions. You can search for a campaign by market, campaign name and campaign prefix.

It's also possible to sort the overview list by clicking on the header of the column. 

To see the settings and properties of an existing campaign click on the campaign name. 

After you created a campaign the possibilities to edit the campaign properties are limited.

You can change the name of the campaign, the description and the time period when a promotion code can be consumed.

Although some of the other properties aren't locked the changes to the product, type of discount and discount duration aren't applied to accounts that have already used the code. So if you need to change the settings of a campaign it's better to create a new one and override the old campaign in user accounts by applying the new code manually in the account.

If your campaign is very successful and you need more codes

  1. Pick the campaign from your promotion list
  2. Click on the codes tab
  3. Create more codes by following the steps for unique and viral codes