When you add a metadata file you can define in which countries this asset will be available. You can restrict access to one country, making it available in one country, worldwide or everything in between. Our system will do a GeoIP check for every customer using your service and display only those assets that she should have access to. This happens automatically.

When you create a package you can add as many assets to it as you like and connect it to any offer. The GeoIP check will still make sure that only assets available in that country will be displayed to your customers. This makes the reuse of packages across different regions easier.

You can check which assets are available in which offer by clicking on the existing offer.

  1. Go to the commercial section in the console and select "List offers"
  2. Select the offer in question
  3. Click on "Metadata assets"

All assets that are available for your customers are marked green while the others are marked red.