In order to add a trailer to an asset, you will first need to upload a trailer either through the console or directly to the S3 bucket. You can use the same process as you use for your regular VODs. Please remember to follow the rules of the same specification for video, audio and subtitles as for VOD. 

Upload through console

  1. Go to console Media & Metadata

  2. Click on add asset

  3. Select trailer

  4. Add additional information e.g. title

  5. Upload an mp4 file

  6. Add additional subtitle tracks

  7. Check advanced settings and decide if the trailer shall be encrypted with DRM or not

  8. Preview and save

Upload directly to S3

Upload the trailer mp4 file together with a json-file. Please use the same folder structure as you do for your regular VOD content. Use the "trailer" as kind in the json-file.

Add trailer to asset

After the upload, find the VOD asset in the Magine Pro Console in the Media & Metadata section.

  1. Find the asset that you want to add a trailer to
  2. Click on the asset and navigate to the "Linked Media" tab
  3. Add the trailer in the "Linked trailer" section

The trailer will automatically appear on the details page of that specific asset. It can be played by all logged-in users.