Labels help you to add assets automatically to existing collections or packages.

In a first step create a collection or package based on labels.

Add a label to an asset

  1. If you want that a specific asset is added to a collection or a package you will need to add the label that matches the collection or package to the asset. 
  2. Go to media & metadata in the console
  3. Find and select the asset that should be added
  4. Go metadata --> details
  5. Add the label and click save
  6. The asset will now automatically added to the collection with the matching labels

You can add as many labels as you want to an asset. It will be included in all collections and packages that match at least one label.

Where to find the package label

If you want to add an asset to a package you can find the package label in the settings of the package.

You can either manually add the label to the asset or add the metadata asset on the package settings page.

Related content

The related content feature also uses labels. You find more details here.

Removing labels

If the asset shouldn't be included in a collection or package anymore all you need to do is to remove the label from the metadata asset.

  1. Go to Metadata
  2. Find the asset in the metadata list
  3. Go the settings tab
  4. Click on edit next to the label you want to remove
  5. Click on remove
  6. Save your changes

The asset will vanish from the collection or package that match that specific label