After mailchimp is setup and configured, it’s time to start using it! To get the best experience out of Mailchimp and learn about their tips and tricks and take a look at their help center.

We can however help with the basics to get instant benefit from your setup.

The end result will be that you set up an automated “Campaign”. But to do this, it’s best to first create a “Segment” of users that you want to target. This is how you set up your first campaign.

  1. Go to your list, then click “New segment”. Using all the user attributes that are populated by the “Merge tags” you can now combine these into specific segments of users. Then save your segment and name it.
  2. Go to “Campaigns”. Click “Create campaign”, select “Email”, choose “Automated” and then “Custom”. Select the list from which you created the segment.
    Alternatively: From the segment you created, press “Send Campaign”.
  3. Now you can select your segment, set up what should trigger the emails and design the email and then your users will receive your messages. You can also automate campaings to automatically send emails to segments on a tigger or a time interval