If you have several assets that you need to upload we understand that uploading them one by one is tiresome and inefficient. We can, therefore, give you access to your dedicated bucket (S3) in the Amazon web service environment (AWS). This is the fastest way to upload bigger amounts of media files and their metadata. If you want to use this process please contact support@magine.com and we will give you access. Please follow this guide for connecting to the S3 bucket.

Requirements for uploading directly to S3 bucket

  • An asset consists of one media file, one or several subtitle files and one metadata file.
  • The media files have to follow our specifications
  • The metadata files are uploaded as a json-file. See an example here.
  • Create a folder for every asset following this structure:
├── source_id.json 
├── source_id.mp4 
├── source_id-poster.jpg (referenced from .json) 
├── source_id-square.jpg (referenced from .json) 
├── source_id-eng.srt 
├── source_id-swe.srt

A show consists only of a metadata file and has no video or subtitle tracks connected. Instead a show has a groupID that connects the file with episodes that have the same groupID.

All filenames and the source AssetId must match the following regular expression [-_a-zA-Z0-9]+. Please use only alphanumeric characters, dash and underscore. No whitespace is allowed.

Uploading the files

  1. Connect to the S3 bucket
  2. Create a folder
  3. Upload the media file
  4. Upload the subtitle files 
  5. Upload metadata file (json)

It is important to upload the metadata file last as the json file will start the transcoding process.

Upon receipt of new material in the S3 bucket, the system automatically completes the following tasks:

  • Parses the metadata file 
  • Creates a new VOD asset id
  • Registers the VOD asset id together with the supplied metadata into the Magine Metadata service 
  • Initiates the transcoding of the asset 
  • Indexes the metadata content for the search engine

The transcoding of a media file happens in real time. If your media file has a length of 1h it will take 1h to transcode the file. Once all steps have been completed, the asset will be searchable and available for playback.