The S3 bucket provided by Magine is exclusive to a single partner. 

To access the bucket you will need credentials that consist of an AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key. Magine creates all buckets in eu-west-1 (Ireland) region.

If you need credentials, please contact We will send you all needed information in an encrypted zip-file (the password to open the file will be sent separately for security reasons).

Magine can create credentials with two different levels of access: 

  • read-write (which can download, upload and delete content) 
  • read-only (which can only download content)

The default credentials we provide give read-write access.

The bucket can be accessed with tools like Cyberduck, for which we’ve made a simple how-to below, as well as standard tools and libraries like AWS CLI or boto3 library.

We support the following folders inside the bucket:

  • /vod/ - Used to upload VOD content for transcoding.
  • /epg/ - Used to upload EPG data for live-tv.
  • /trailers/ - For serving trailers.

How to access the bucket to upload or download VOD assets

The simplest way to access the bucket directly is to download and install Cyberduck from

When you have installed the tool do the following:

  • Open the application
  • Click "Open Connection"
  • Select S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) in the drop-down at the top
  • Enter the credentials you’ve received from Magine.
  • Server: (replace XXX with the name of your bucket)
  • Access Key ID: The Access Key you requested from Magine.
  • Secret Access Key: The Secret Access Key you requested from Magine.

Instructions for uploading a VOD asset

  1. Select the folder with the name com-magine-partners-XXXXXX
  2. Select the folder with the name vod/<asset> and double click on it 
  3. Click the “Action” button in the top menu
  4. Select “New Folder”
  5. Enter a name for your folder, e.g. the movie name, without any spaces
  6. Click create
  7. Then double click on the new folder
  8. Click the “Action” button again and select upload
  9. Select the file to upload from your computer

At the end the asset should end up in: s3://com-magine-partners-XXXXXX/vod/<asset>/<files>