In this section, you can set the default rules that define when a user can watch content after purchasing a product. You can use these rules to comply with the licence rights you have acquired.

Concurrent streams

  1. First, decide if a user is allowed to start several streams at the same time. 
  2. If allowed you can then define how many streams she can start simultaneously.
  3. The last rule decides if a user can play the same asset simultaneously on different devices.

Location when playing content

This rule uses the country list to restrict playback to the defined countries. If disabled the content can also be streamed outside the defined countries.

Device limit

The rule decides if a user can play content with up to 5 devices or if they can use an unlimited amount of devices. If the restriction is enabled, the users will be able to clear their list of devices on the user settings page on the web. Read more about this feature here.

Offline content

Configure here if your users should be allowed to download assets to watch offline on mobile devices and set the default behaviour for new assets.

You can define the availability in years, months, days and hours.

For the users to be able to see their downloaded content, there must be an item in the Menu of type "View with downloads".