A broadcast is a single program aired on a channel at a specific time and date. You can set the default rights for live and catchup rights on the channel level. Depending on the licence rights you have you might need to adjust these rights on the broadcast level. These are the rights you can define:

  • Live available: The broadcast can be played live
  • Catchup available: The broadcast is accessible after it was aired live in a defined time period
  • Fast forward: The customer can fast forward a live and a catchup program
  • Pause: The customer can pause a live and a catchup program
  • Rewind: The customer can rewind a live and a catchup program

Adding rights to a broadcast

The normal process to define the rights is to upload them in a json-file per broadcast together with the airing time, duration, title and other metadata fields. Here is an example:

    "rights": {
    "pause": true,
    "forward": true,
    "rewind": true,
    "catchupAvailable": true,
    "liveAvailable": true

And if catchup is set to true then you will need to define the duration with a UNIX-timestamp:

    "catchup": {
    "from": 1569291900,
    "to": 1569899700

 This will translate into the Magine Pro Console like this:

Changing rights on broadcasts

If you need to change the rights of broadcasts after the initial upload you can do that manually. Please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the broadcast section in the Magine Pro Console 
  2. Select the channel the broadcast is connected to
  3. Find the broadcast in the list
  4. Click on the rights field that you want to change: green indicates the action is allowed, red indicates the action isn't allowed
  5. Then go to the Exports section and trigger a re-index of all your metadata assets.

The change is immediate and can be reversed in the same way.