There are three image types that are currently used in the service to illustrate collections and the detail page of an asset.

16:9 - used for featured collections, 16:9 collections, continue watching collection, genre collections, the main image on the details page and Live Channel collections

Poster - used for movie vod collections, entitled collection, bookmarked collections like a watchlist or downloaded movies list, related content and the small image next to the title on the details page of an asset

Channel logo (300x300 pixels) - used in the EPG view, on top of the image of Live channel collections (featured, favourite and live) and on the details page next to the title if no poster image is available

Recommendations for your service

If you have a VOD service then you will need 16:9 and poster images to get the best result. You can then freely choose different collection types and use all the features that we provide.

If you have Live TV channels you will need all three image types to cover the various use cases. Remember to upload a light and dark version of the channel logo.


We recommend that you upload the highest resolution possible so that your images look good on mobile and on TV screens.