There are only two types of labels that are taken into consideration for the related content feature. These labels start with 

  • genre_
  • related_
Both labels are used equally.

The order of the content in the related content section is based on the label matches. The more label match with each other the higher the ranking.

Here is an example: 
Movie A has the labels genre_drama, genre_comedy, related_europeancinema, related_nordicnoir
Movie B has the labels genre_action, genre_comedy, related_ww2
Movie C has the labels genre_drama, related_europeancinema, related_nordicnoir

If you go to the detail page of movie A then C will have a higher ranking than movie B in the related section.
If you go to movie C you will only see the movie A in the related section.

If you want to use this feature you can activate it here.

Adding a label to an asset

  1. If you want that a specific asset is showing up as related you will need to add a label that starts with related_
  2. Go to metadata in the console
  3. Find the metadata asset
  4. Go the settings tab of the asset
  5. Add the label in the general section